Are newer tattoos easier to remove?

The most common reason people have had tattoos removed is due to “skin fluke” causes. There are small spots of skin on your neck that get pulled or torn. If any more skin is removed than needed, the scarring around that spot will have to be removed.

How long does the scars last?

The effects of a tattoo will be gradual. At first there will be slight discomfort but in two to seven months the scar will go and you will have new skin on your neck.

Is it permanent?

Not for a while. You will have two to four years time to go back to the normal, natural skin tone for the area that you originally had the tattoo.

There are a good number of other factors to remember when deciding if a tattoo will stick. For example, you will have a better chance of getting a job in the summer if you have it on your back. You will have more flexibility as a driver if it’s not on your chest.

If you have a tattoo that has not completely healed, you can have it removed. Although this may seem simple, it is not without risk. Your scar will then heal normally. There are many places that scar tissue can grow. It is essential to seek advice on how often you could remove the tattoo. As you might expect, many of our customers are still doing it.

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Update 1: Fixed the missing helmet (Skyrim HD), fixed all shields, weapon and armor types, removed all magic effects like the ones from the Oblivion version and some minor visual and lore updates.

Version 1:


-Added some new weapons and shields with textures from the Oblivion


-added the Imperial Heavy Sword and the Dragonbane sword (Dragonbone)

-changed the Imperial helmet to black mesh

-fixed the shield shield

-Added all new armor types and textures

-Added the Shield of Ysgramor