Are old tattoos harder to remove?

A: The old scars are just like an old tattoo. They’re just very deep within the body. Usually, the tattoo removal company can help remove them, but they don’t know the exact type and style of the scar. In the event of an old tattoo, it’s really hard to remove so it’s best if you follow the instructions of your doctor first. In fact, most doctors can remove many old tattoos, but if they don’t know the nature of the tattoo, they might have a hard time doing so.

Q: Which tattoos can’t be removed?

A: Even the ones that have very little or no hair may not be able to be removed. However, a number of different kinds of tattoos have very small hairs which will not allow a tattoo removal service to be performed. A good tattoo removal company can advise you on which kind you might have.

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How much is a tattoo removal treatment?

A: The treatment for any type of tattoo will depend on the situation. The removal of the old scar does not necessarily mean you will be able to get a full full-face tattoo.

Q: Does your body need to be fully cleaned before a tattoo removal surgery?

A: Not necessarily. Usually, a tattoo removal surgery will only need to be performed if the scar is large in size and if a tattoo is a very visible, uncomfortable scar.

Q: What are your rights during a tattoo removal procedure?

A: Like any medical procedure, you have the right to refuse to have anything done if you get pregnant, or if your skin grows out of shape or becomes too much. Additionally, the body has to be checked at the beginning to prevent infections. But when you are informed that there might be any health risks associated with the procedure, you have to get the surgery. A doctor usually won’t advise you not to have a tattoo removal surgery because there are a few things that it won’t help when it comes to your personal appearance or your quality of life. If you still think that the procedure is the right answer for getting rid of your old tattoos, consider contacting one of the companies and making an appointment to decide if this is the right option for you.

Photo credit: Mirela/iStock/Thinkstock

Photo credit: Mirela/iStock/Thinkstock

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