Can a tattoo be surgically removed? – Tattoo Removal Laser Process

No, a tattoo is usually surgically removed in a hospital. In the United States, you will generally not be able to get a tattoo at a tattoo parlor with the general public. There is usually a wait-list. This is especially true of non-tattoo artists. In Canada, a patient that requires a tattoo, especially a permanent one, can often get one in a tattoo parlor.

I don’t understand the difference between tattoos and body modifications. What is a piercing/lizard ear?

A piercing or lizard ear is a small ear piercing that occurs in the nose as a result of a congenital trait and not the result of surgery.

I’m having a discussion with a friend and the topic is about body modifications. Can I touch her body as well?

Although it is perfectly ok to touch the skin of someone who has a tattoo, it is not absolutely recommended to do so. The risk of damaging the patient’s body is greater with this kind of interaction. If there is no medical reason for having a tattoo (such as aesthetic, cultural or spiritual purposes) the patient will need to take it off. It is also always safest to have a consultation and discuss these situations with a local doctor. Tattoos are only legal in Canada if they are done under the supervision of a licensed therapist. In this way, any doctor who is not a skilled tattoo artist or person familiar with body modifications can work as an artist, making them technically illegal and potentially dangerous.

I’m a physician, and can I prescribe a tattoo in Canada?

Yes, as long as the tattoo is not used for medical treatment or if the patient is not already legally licensed to do so, according to the Regulations on Licensed Prosthetic and Body Modification Practitioners (MIS/CC/C/1205/Q). There is no specific requirement to have a prescription. The regulations set out that a qualified practitioner may recommend a tattoo, provided such a tattoo is approved by a member of the Board of Health.

I saw a poster on Craigslist with a picture of two people with tattoo. Can I get one?

Yes, but it is the responsibility of the tattoo artist as opposed to the patient to make the tattoo or tattoo design their own. Tattoos should not be used for medical treatment. If you are able to get rid of it, that is your choice.

I don’t understand the tattooing process. Is it real or just a tattoo

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