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Does a salt solution really remove tattoos on the skin?

According to Dr. Michael Bloch, Dr. Bloch is a renowned doctor and expert in tattoo removal in Florida.

How would a person get the tattoo removed?

How long does it take to remove a tattoo on skin?

The following chart compares how long it takes to get tattoo removed and the amount of time needed depends on the tattoo. The chart is sorted in alphabetical order:

Tattoos from your arm:

Tattoos from other places on you:

Tattoos from a place on your body that contains scars:

Tattoos in the area of a car or other object of your skin that are made to go on your arm:

Tattoos from an area of your body that is covered with blood:

Tattoos on your foot:

Tattoos on the skin of your face:

The above chart is an estimated time to remove all of the above tattoos. It does not include the time or cost of skin grafting or reconstruction which may add to the removal time.

How Many times can I have a tattoo removed by Dr. Bloch?

It depends on the tattoo. Some have only one or a couple of tattoos.

A tattoo on one of your fingers can often be removed within two to four hours, and some can be removed after twelve hours.

If the tattoo has a scar that does not heal, it will take an average of 24 hours to be removed by Dr. Bloch.

How many people get tattoos in a year?

The following chart illustrates the average number of people that get tattoos in Florida, in 2006.

Tattoos in Florida annually. 2006. Year Number of people getting tattoos Year Number of times in Florida that you can be tattooed Average time in Florida to get a tattoo Average number of tattoos you can get per year Average time to remove a tattoo Number of times to get a tattoo Removed in Florida Number of tattoos that were removed in Florida Number of tattoos that were removed in 2000

How long does it take to remove a tattoo in Florida?

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