Can you remove a tattoo in one session? – Tattoo Removal Machine Cost Uk

Yes, this technique can be used to remove tattoos, such as the “penny ante” or “hats of justice” designs.

Step 1

Determine the area to which the tattoo will be attached. First, remove all traces of any existing tattoo you may already have; then measure from the center of the tattoo mark at the center. With a tape measure, count from the point at which the tattoo is attached to the skin. Next, measure the distance between the tattoo and the skin at the center as well as from the point as seen with the tape measure. The distance will be the distance from the tattoo at the center at the most noticeable angle.

Step 2

You may use this technique even if your tattoo is not permanently attached; however, it is recommended to always re-attach your tattoo when your skin has healed sufficiently for you to place it on the opposite side of the body.

Do not wear any jewelry at these times.

Step 3

Apply a clear lubricating lotion to your skin. Hold it at arms’ length, and slowly press the lotion into your skin.

Note: The solution may feel a bit odd at first. If at all possible, apply it slowly so as to not rub off.

Step 4

Repeat steps one and three for the opposite side of the body as well, applying clear lotion (1 drops) or a thin lubricating cream (1 drop) to the skin on the opposite side of the body.

Step 5

Repeat steps three through five on only the inside of the arm.

Do not use a lotion or cream on the outside of the arm. If you do, keep this on the inside of the area the tattoo is attached to to ensure a good seal of protection.

Step 6

You may be able to skip the first step in the routine altogether by going directly to the next section. However, some people feel that there are advantages to the second and third steps; if this is the case, make sure you discuss these with your doctor before beginning the process.

Step 7

While you are using the lubricating lotion, carefully massage it into your skin to soften it; use a tissue to keep the liquid from dripping onto your skin.

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