Can you remove a tattoo yourself? – Tattoo Removal At Home

If you’ve got any type of tattoo, you’d want to be prepared (and confident!) that you will be able to do so yourself.

The good news? Tattoos typically take between one to two weeks to heal (if left unattended) so unless you’re very fit and have a strong immune system, you may find that the time it takes to get a new one removed is not worth it. (If that is the case, though, make sure they’re in an area that doesn’t get any sunlight or too much heat. You also have to be sure that the area doesn’t have a hole in the skin, which is pretty common on piercings.)

Also, you generally need to be completely certain that you can do the procedure in your home, so be sure that you can clean off any foreign material before you do it, and be able to see the site of the tattoo from either the inside or outside.

What are the risks to getting a tattoo?

There’s no real risk associated with getting a tattoo, but there is a risk associated with receiving one.

As tattoo removal is more invasive than tattoo creation, there is a higher risk of infections and scarring. If you’re a little nervous getting a tattoo, try to talk to someone who has done them in the past and is familiar with their concerns. Also, know that any sort of medical procedure can bring about unwanted side effects, from the pain of a needle to the potential effects of drugs you’ve taken to help you deal with the pain and swelling that it can cause in the body.

Another problem is that most people don’t realize that what they’re getting up for is going to be removed later on. This can leave you vulnerable, since removing it could make it difficult to take care of other serious infections. If possible, make sure that your own doctor provides you with proper consent forms before they can remove your tattoo.

What’s the best type of tattoo removal technique?

In general, your options for tattoo removal are as follows (depending on where your tattoo is):

Hair removal

Hair removal is usually the least invasive and least expensive way to remove an existing tattoo. A good tattoo removal provider will be able to get the tattoo out with no issues, while a hairless skin procedure can make a permanent change to the appearance of your tattooed skin.

Make sure that if you get your tattoo removal done, the removal was done with minimal hair

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