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There are 2 ways to clean and remove tattoos!

1. The traditional method

2. How to clean and treat a tattoo

These two methods are different, yet very similar.

How to clean and treat a tattoo

The first method, the traditional, is to remove a tattoo with an external razor or a skin cleanser.

First, wash a piece of skin with soap, or a lotion, and then apply a lotion, a lotion containing oil and water or an oil to wet skin to help remove the ink.

When all the water is removed from the skin, wipe clean with a tissue, a toothbrush or the back of your hand.

A second method, removing a tattoo on your body, is to do a tattoo removal cream. This is done to reduce the risk of infection or bleeding.

Apply a liquid of cream, in thin, concentrated drops, just like you would for a tattoo.

Place a drop of lotion along any area where you want to remove the tattoo.

Apply pressure to the area for 5 seconds. Leave the skin smooth and don’t pull the cream away. Move the cream from the skin to the tattoo as long you go and repeat this four times. You can leave the area clean and clear for a day or wash and rinse immediately. If there is any redness or bleeding, rinse the area with cold water.

For more information on this method, please read the following article, Why a tattoo removal cream is a must.

What to do if your tattoo is covered in blood or a tattoo has any blood-related damage

If you have an open tattoo, be sure to wash and remove the redness immediately, and remove and clean the tattoo, if possible.

For a tattoo with blood-related damage, do not try to remove the blood or stop the bleeding if there is any bleeding that may cause pain for the person to remove and clean it. Only clean the area and wipe with the skin or use the tissue or toothbrush to remove the blood. If using a tissue or toothbrush, hold the skin smooth for a few seconds, then wipe clean with more product.

If you have a tattoo covered by red or purple fluid that can bleed or be removed using your mouth, clean the area and do not move the fluid from your skin. Try not to move it as the fluid can come off easily or be removed with your mouth.

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