Can you remove yellow tattoo ink?

A: A tattoo removal technique known as waxing is typically most effective to remove yellow/pink ink (which can occur when your skin is damaged) but it is not necessary. Your skin can heal in two ways. First, it can regenerate by growing new skin. Second, it can heal by growing new, fresh skin. Sometimes, the first method is not enough and the tattoo artist needs to use more aggressive procedures to remove the ink.
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How can I get my tattoo to fade away?

A: Some tattoos fade due to the natural aging process (which we can help you understand by checking out our eBook or DVD, “How to Rejuvenate your Body with Restorative Artwork”). You can also apply new ink to a tattoo and the tattoo will disappear. The ink, usually, should stay white-colored for 1-7 days. This depends on the type of tattoo ink (as opposed to any tattoo pigment) and the environment under which the tattoo is applied (air, sunlight, water or sun-exposed surface). If there is some light reflected off the surface of the tattoo, the ink will appear to fade.

How long is my tattoo permanent?

A: Tattoos can last anywhere from 24 days to seven years depending upon the type of tattoo ink. In most cases, ink may wear off, but you should be able to easily apply new ink. In some cases, depending on how bad the damage is, you may go back to the ink.

How long will my tattoo last?

A: Tattoos may fade and need renewal every month, every three, or even every day. However, if you have an ink that is a permanent, permanent color, you should expect to be able to look in the mirror and see your tattoo in 8-12 months.

A permanent tattoo is much stronger than a permanent tattoo that fades. You may be able to get a permanent tattoo up to 12 months. If this is the case, it is recommended that you do not have another permanent tattoo until you have completed a restorative tattoo, regardless of whether or not your original tattoo was permanent.

What is permanent?

A: Permanent. Permanent tattooing can take anywhere from one year to one hundred years to become permanent. Permanent tattoos are permanent because the tattooing artist can use as many colors or combinations as they want to create new tattoo designs that last as long as your skin will regenerate and be comfortable. Permanent Tattoos can usually be