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Is there any evidence that tattoos work at all? The truth is we don’t know. All we know is that the removal of most tattooed skin has been tried and is working and that it works. However it may affect your vision.

Tattoo removal creams are now available that are designed to remove all ink, not just the ink on your skin (like tattoo removal cream).

If you are looking for the best tattoo removal cream please review the following pages to learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of tattoo removal creams.

To help you get the best tattoo removal cream for you, some of the top tattoo removal cream brands below are recommended by NUJ tattoo removal cream comparison reviews.

How does tattoo removal cream affect my vision?

Before you get tattoo removal cream do a brief medical eye exam. Check for the presence or absence of glaucoma. If there is a glaucoma you should get the following eye clinic:

NUJ: National Union of Ophthalmologists (UUP, a registered professional body)

Eye Institute: National Eye Institute

If you still have glaucoma: The American Academy of Otolaryngology recommends the following eye clinic:

American Academy of Otorhinolaryngology:

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UOA Clinic: UOAC Eye Center

If you already have glaucoma please talk to a doctor.

Tattoo removal cream is a good option when it comes to tattoo removal for you. However, your doctor may prescribe a different treatment such as laser removal in your case.

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