Do tattoo removal creams really work? – Tattoo Removal At Home

It’s a common misconception that tatoo removal is quick and painless. In addition, the FDA recommends that a tatoo removal product is in the form of a cream or gel. These products often do not work and make you more sensitive to your skin.

There are many brands of tattoo removal creams, including Vaseline, which can be more irritating and less effective than a topical solution. Many patients find it necessary to put the cream on the area of tattoo removal before going to bed. This method should last 2 to 3 hours and is best for those who are on a short, but regular schedule. It is most effective for people with acne and those with large tattoos or who have tattoos on many parts of the body.

Tattoo removal creams that are FDA approved can also be used to remove the ink in people with skin that is oily or irritated from prior tattoo removal. It is important to remember that for most people, the skin is not ready to be removed just by having some kind of cream on the skin. Some people prefer to remove it themselves, so it’s important to use a product that has been thoroughly tested without harming the skin.

How does tattoo removal work?

Before the body recognizes tattoo removal and causes a reaction, the tattoo-like ink is removed with an injection. The needle then is used to spread the ink across the skin surface, usually over more than one tattoo. Tattooing usually isn’t painful because the ink is just spread to the surface.

How often you should see a doctor

You should see a doctor if:

You have any of your tattoos removed, and

There is a very visible tattoo on your body, usually in your neck, back or above the eyebrows, like an ink tattoo.

Some people find that it is better to see a tattoo removal specialist than a dermatologist because they are able to see much smaller areas and are able to prescribe medication that is less likely to exacerbate any existing skin problems.

Tattoo removal does not cause any scarring or irritation. Once the skin has been completely removed, you’re able to enjoy your tattoos for the rest of your life at your own discretion.

What does tattoo removal help with?

Tattoo removal is effective at removing up to 100,000 ink particles. If every tattoo could be removed with this method, how big of a dent would that be in society?

Unfortunately, tattoo removal doesn’t seem to

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