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It is common to see red in the tattoo ink of a person who has a lot of tattoos. However, because of the way people react to hydrogen peroxide, there will be an ink that has a yellow or orange tint. This does not mean it is bad for the tattoo artist’s work. It does mean that they should look for a way to cleanse the tattoo.

Do bleach tattoos fade? It is also common to use bleach to bleach tattoos. It is generally not a good thing for the artist or a tattooist. Bleach tends to stain the tattoo artist’s work. Also, bleach can be corrosive to the ink in the tattoo. The more bleach a tattooist uses, the more expensive it can be. It is recommended to be careful to avoid using bleach while using a dry ink that is not already stained.

Do I need to soak in water to kill off bacteria on a tattoo? No. Not even water should be used. The best way to remove bacteria from your body is to go to the bath or wash with a mild bleach solution.
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Can a tattoo be dry cleaned, after the ink has faded? Yes. It is generally the case that the best way to repair damage would be to soak your tattoo in hot water and let it sit for 20 minutes. You can then apply a washcloth to the area to soak them and dry them off. This removes bacteria from overactive body cells and also allows for natural body moisturization. Be very careful to avoid the area from being damp. Water can also get in between oils within your skin, which would break the barrier of your skin. This can cause scarring, but this is not very common. It can also cause rashes on the back of the neck, but it is not common as to why this would happen.

Do I need to wash with soap to clean the tattoo? Not. A quick dip in a mild soap will dissolve the ink from the tattoo. You can wash your body with a clean washcloth with any of these brands:




I hope my answers have helped someone who has been struggling with their tattoos. If you really do have an ink question, then you may want to call me. I am happy to help you in any way that I can. I hope this answers some of your questions about dye in tattoos.



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