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Why can’t everyone stay in their skin longer during a tattoo? Is there any scientific way that I don’t need to use a different kind of hydrogen peroxide?

All questions we can answer without making the same assumptions. A number of scientific papers have looked into these questions since the 1970s. In particular, many have looked into why tattoos fade. Some of the answers are quite simple; the body naturally bleeds the tattoos away. But a number of scientists, including the authors of this article, hypothesize that an additional reason why your tattoo gets faded may be due to the presence of another chemical in the tattoo itself. This chemical doesn’t dissolve in the body’s solution but can instead become trapped in the surface layer of the tattoo.

What about this?

Hence an ingredient that isn’t found in most tattoo inks but is added in small amounts can result in the fading of the tattoo. But why add chemicals to something that just gets stuck in the body’s solution? Perhaps the problem with this answer lies with the way the article is written. As the authors state in their paper:

“Although studies have shown that hydrogen peroxide, [and even the other chemicals used to whiten tattoos], can be added to non-abrasive materials in sufficient quantities, these studies have mostly employed the non-abrasive form of the solvent, such as benzoyl peroxide, perchloric acid, or peroxide-based oils. These agents are used only once, and are used as an ‘injection’ rather than as a ‘gel’.”

The article has another paragraph where the authors talk about how this is very unfortunate, and it is a shame that the authors are not taking a different approach to describing the subject, but are just being “unhelpful” to the problem.

What about this?

The article’s authors have also stated in the same article that there are two reasons for why many tattoo can stay in place longer if treated correctly. The first is because hydrogen peroxide can dissolve the tattoos; the second is that the ink can absorb a chemical called acetone, which can fade the tattoos later on. The acetone is used to make the tattoo “clear”; meaning that the ink is “not sticky” and therefore can stay on longer. These two explanations can explain why your tattoo can come out stronger after treatment, but they are not in agreement with one another.

What about this?

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