Does laser tattoo removal completely remove?

We remove the entire tattoo from the skin surface by removing the ink. After the laser is applied the laser is switched off and the tattoo is removed with a tissue applicator. The results will depend on the severity of the tattoo, the thickness of the skin, and a number of other factors. Laser tattoo removal is very effective for removal of heavy to medium-weight tattoo ink. For removal of lighter to medium strength tattoos (less than 2mm) and if possible, all the ink must be removed or the tissue is destroyed and the body is left with the appearance of a permanent scar.

What happens with laser tattoo removal?

After the laser tattoo removal is complete you will have a scar that looks similar to a tattoo. You may have small red, black, or other spots depending on the type of laser and on how quickly the burn occurred. Most scarring is caused by tissue damage after the tattoo is removed. Some of these scarring will be permanent and the skin will look different, but all the laser tattoo removal will produce is a scar in addition to a permanent tattoo. Most of the scarring can be reversed with proper laser therapy.

Will laser tattoo removal remove the entire tattoo completely?

There are still a few small patches and minor areas of residual tattoo ink left, as well as some more severe scars. Most of the tattoo will be permanently removed and completely removed. Only a few small areas will be left.

What happens with laser tattoo removal if I have cancer?

Laser tattoo removal can be effective for removing all or part of the cancerous tattoo, but it will not necessarily eliminate the cancer. The scars that are left are still there and the cancerous lesions may never completely disappear. Laser tattoo removal can be useful for reducing the risk of getting cancer and there have been no adverse side effects observed. Laser tattoo removal will not eliminate the tattoo, so laser therapy may need to be given after the tattoo is removed. In some cases, the scar will be bigger and will require laser removal. If you are diagnosed with cancer, talk to your doctor about laser tattoo removal. He/she can provide you with more information about the application options of laser tattoo removal and which procedure is indicated, if any.

I am having complications with my laser tattoo removal. Do you recommend surgery?

Laser removal works! Patience required. (3 sessions of PicoWay 10 ...
If you are having problems with your laser tattoo removal results, it is important to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Larger and/or more severe scars might require surgery