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The answer is yes. There are three main types of scarring – primary (tattooing begins and is often permanent), secondary and sub-secondary. It usually takes an average of 1-5 years for a tattoo to heal after removal.

Primary scarring is caused by any one of a number of factors. These include:

Age (often the youngest people are tattooed the most)

Injuries, scarring or trauma


Drugs, alcohol or food poisoning

Other medical conditions such as cancer

Older people often do not notice their scars, and this does not always occur, for example in the case of chronic leg ulcers.

Secondary scarring is caused by:


Prostate cancer

In the case of tinea pedis disease/pedicelike tumours, the first sign is a redening in the lower back.

Sub-secondary scarring is caused by:

Bone cancers

Bleeding from the nose and ears as a result of surgery

The reason behind how tattoos affect healing is different in every case. However, the amount of scarring may decrease through self-care and changing the method of tattoo removal.

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The amount of scarring you think you have is largely down to your individual body type. This has been determined by your DNA. Your DNA changes as you age. This is a natural process and does not mean your body will not change at some point.

How to check if you have a tattoo

Your doctor will advise you what body part is scarring and how much of a tattoo you have. He may also suggest removing your tattoos to check for scars.

When are tattoos healed?

The average tattoo removal takes 5-7 days. It can take longer for secondary tattoos. For this reason, it can take a longer period of time for the first tattoo to be removed or to heal completely.

In some older people, the body will naturally break down the scar tissue over time due to factors such as:



Medical conditions

Other medical conditions such as diabetes

Tattoos have a permanent effect on skin – and can leave permanent scars. However, by changing your tattoos over time you can minimise any residual effects in the future.

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