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Yes. Tattoo removal can leave scars and the area will not fade away over the rest of your life. Removal of scar tissue can cause some minor skin irritation when rubbing against clothing, including clothes that might be used to cover the tattoo area.

What can tattoo removal cause scars?

Tattoos can irritate skin on an area over time, creating skin issues such as itchy lips and a scabby facial appearance. Scars caused by tattoo removal can also lead to psychological issues like depression and anxiety if you have them.

How do tattoo removal scars appear?

Tattoos left on the skin can usually be seen with the naked eye. The appearance of scars can vary and some may not seem noticeable, like a small scar on your arm. Some of the more visible tattoo removal scars are as follows:

Bleeding under the lip

A pimple in the lower back or the face, or a small area around your eye

Jaw pain caused by the removal of a tattoo

A large scar around your heart

A very deep tattoo on the inner side of your arm, or a huge tattoo on the thigh/ calf

A small scar in the middle of your buttocks, neck, or chest

A mark on your back from tattoo removal

When can I expect my tattoo to return?

For most people, the scar tissue will return the same shade and will be more visible as the skin adjusts to the new skin. Even though the appearance of your scarlet tattoo may have changed over the years, you may still be able to see yourself in the mirror in the future. Some signs you may receive will be a sore, cracked, or dry skin look. It is important that you seek professional advice if you think you may have a tattoo removal scar.

What is tattoo removal related to?

Tattoos can be a permanent and not so permanent part of the body. Tattoo removal, if left without treatment within a year, can cause scars and may cause permanent mental or physical problems such as depression. Tattoos tend to be very expensive to remove such as a $30,000 tattoo removal at a major Chicago tattoo and pier location, often not covered under medical insurance. Many people will find it necessary to go to a tattoo and/or tattoo removal company just to have the tattoo removal removed.

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