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While technically tattoo removal is possible, there is a high probability of scarring if the removal is by laser. If you have a tattoo removal scar, you should also discuss your desire to do it with your optometrist.

What are the complications of tattoo removal?

The complications of tattoo removal are:

Abrasion—Abrasion is a dangerous, painful, and long-lasting method of removal.

Burn—The hot metals, chemicals, and abrasives burn the skin, leaving an extensive scarring and a burn mark.

Pain—Pain often accompanies tattoo removal because the removal involves intense physical pressure.

Irritation—The removal may cause permanent scarring or other complications that can result in physical and emotional pain.

If you’re considering tattoo removal, the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery recommends you consult a physician and discuss your decision with them. Contact your local tattoo removal office for more information.

Tattoo Removal Options

All the techniques are safe and work well. Some require extensive time, and will require anesthesia. There are many techniques that can be used to clean a tattoo after it’s removed. Here are some tips on choosing what to use.

Dye removal (also known as tattoo dye removal) The most aggressive forms can be applied by professional body-dye artists. There are several techniques, such as: Laser tattoo removal of scars, both natural and artificial, by the Laser Corp.

Electrofusion tattoo removal.

High-velocity inkjet tattoo removal.

The traditional tattoo removal procedure of needle tattooing.
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The use of a tattoo removal method called “viral” tattoo removal, in which the tattoo is placed onto the face, chest, or body part in which it’s placed or on another person by a professional body-tattoo artist.

The use of non-toxic dyes, which offer safe and durable results. Some tattoo removal techniques and products that use this type of dye are: A method known as “Fluoxetine-based tattoo removal” in which the tattoo is left undisturbed for a period of time and placed on the skin. This method is more extensive than the traditional laser tattoo removal, which is the most common method.

Inkjet tattoo removal.

Fluoroacetate/fumaric acid (FTA) tattoo removal.

A “high-velocity” tattoo removal

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