Does tattoo removal scar? – Tattoo Removal After Healing

If your scar is more than 3cm then there’s a lot of risk of developing cancer. It takes about five years for a scar to develop, but if you have a long scar (about 3cm or more) the risk of developing cancer should be much lower.

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What kind of tattoo removal scar is best for my scar? If you’ve had a tattoo removal scar for more than 14 months then it’s best to see a healthcare specialist for surgery. They can help you to improve the chance of having a healthy scar.

How do tattoo removal scars start? Skin grows around a tattoo, so when it grows a different kind of scar forms and will eventually stop the growth of the tattoo. If you have a long scar or a tattoo that contains a permanent design (which you can’t erase from your body without a specialist, eg a tattoo therapist) then it’s likely that it’s too late for a scar to develop.

How long does it take for tattoos to disappear? Tattoos grow when they’re inside your skin. Tattoos can either be very deep or very shallow. Deep tattooing occurs on the bottom of your skin. Deep tattooing scars are not seen on a top layer of skin. Your hair, nails and eyebrows may retain blood and a new tattoo can be left if deep tattooing is left untreated. A new tattoo is then made on the top layer of skin. Tattoos can’t be removed without a specialist, but some scars can be left untreated even with an operation.

Will a tattoo remove scars from my feet and legs? Tattoo removal scarring from your feet and legs occurs primarily on the feet, where the top and bottom layers of skin do not separate easily. If you have a deep tattoo you have a high risk of damaging your skin and creating scars. Because tattoos are made of cells at the top and bottom of your skin they have more potential to become permanently damaged and can’t be removed without a specialist. As for hair removal, we don’t recommend hair removal because we think the procedure does more harm than good, but have not seen any evidence that the procedure creates permanent damage.

Do tattoos harm my health? Tattoos aren’t harmful to your health, so you can expect them to reduce your chances of developing various diseases, including: heart disease

kidney disease

cancer Skin conditions including acne


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