How can I speed up tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal Laser At Home

Many people have difficulty with tattoos removal. If your skin appears to get worse after tattoos then this could be due to scarring caused by them. There are a few things you can do to improve tattoo removal.

First and foremost is to avoid touching the tattoo area and always avoid making direct contact.

Do not allow your skin to become irritated over time. The more you try to rub your skin at once, the more irritation will appear on your skin.

You can also use moisturiser to clean your skin. This will clean the tattoo and minimise the risk of scarring and discoloration.

Some tattoo removal techniques require you to use a razor to remove the ink. These can be painful and may cause a red mark or blotchy area on your skin.

What are the different types of tattoos?

There are three main types of tattoo –

Types 1 & 2 : Tattoos made of natural substances which can usually be found on skin. Common skin uses include:

Banners and other decorative designs.

Pillars and other objects of decoration.

Artistic designs on other parts of skin such as:

Wigs, hats and jewellery.



Some individuals also get tattoos made of:

Blood or foreign objects.

Vitamins and herbal remedies.

Crowns, mohawks and other hair styles.

Some tattoos are meant to be permanent and are called:


Performs, and tattoos of:




Tattoos called:

Wigs and make-up.

Hair extensions.


Hair loss.

Other permanent tattoos :

Signs and symbols on the body such as:





Tattoos used:

Ribbons and sashes.

Houses and shops.

Signs and decorations on the body.

Other permanent tattoos include:



Scalp tattoos.

Scarves and rugs.

Dry tattoos.

How do I apply my tattoo?

The exact method of tattoo removal

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