How do you remove kids tattoos at home?

There are several ways to remove tattoos, either by scraping ink off, or by using tattoo removal products to remove them. These can be purchased at a medical tattoo removal provider, where they will remove your current tattoo and send you a new one.

Tattoo removal products use lasers and chemicals to cut off the pigment. For most children it can take a few months, and for some, it will be months before your tattoo ink is completely removed. Some have their tattoos taken off by removal of the skin over the tattoo, but that is a temporary solution. This is to reduce risk of infection and to reduce the cost of the treatment.

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What is needed to get the tattoo off?

Your baby needs to sit in a special chair during the procedure. In case he has asthma or is otherwise unable to sit the chair is put on a flat wooden surface and the chair positioned into a comfortable position for your baby to sit in.

Your baby’s blood should be collected first so that the procedure can be carried out discreetly.

Your baby needs to stay in the procedure for at least 30 minutes

Your baby needs to be kept awake for at least 10 hours.

What the scar looks like after the tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal of tattoos involves the removal of all or part of the skin that the tattoo overlaps with. The scar can look different depending on what part of your baby’s skin has been removed and how it was done.

The removal process can look as follows

If your child has a small tattoo over the eye, a small, red, circular cut is made on the top of the upper eyelid and a small round scar is left. If you have a large tattoo over the eye, a larger, darker patch is made, called a ‘bull’s eye’. The scar on your child’s scalp should be the same colour as the scar on his eye, black. A little black hair is left, which will be the baby’s hair colour if he is male. It will disappear when the tattoo is removed, making the scar the same colour as the child’s hair.

For more details on the removal of tattoo ink see our page on tattoo removal.

How are tattoos removed at home?

How to remove tattoos at home

It is important to remember that the tattoo removal procedure does NOT need any special equipment, you just need