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For adults, the best time to clean up was 3 to 7 in the morning, and then again 3 to 7 in the afternoon.

For toddlers, it was done at least once a day.

If you’re thinking of doing it yourselves but are worried how long the paint will last, it’s possible to get rid of them in a similar way to removal of skin tattoos.

For adults

First, get a little paint to put on the kid. Use rubbing alcohol to wet the kid, and then put the kid in a cup of water. Let the kid soak for about three hours before rinsing off.

Next, dry the kid off. Next, rub alcohol all over the kid to remove the paint. I started with the kid under the arms and worked down, and then up.

Next, clean off any blood. And then, use your dryer to dry off the skin of the kid.

You can use bleach if you want, or water to clean up the entire area.

For toddlers

First, dry the kid off. Next, scrub clean under the arms and around the kid with water.

I used the same technique with the kids over a period of about two or three weeks and then washed out the skin, leaving the paint and blood to remain there.

For adults

First, wash it off gently with soap and water.

But, if you are worried about getting the paint onto the kids body, then you can use household products.

I used washing up liquid and liquid dish detergent and dryer lint to clean off any dirt.

And, if you want extra protection, put it on the skin as well. Try to put the item on the skin only once or twice a month.

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