How do you remove kids tattoos at home?

I have a tattoo area that takes about an hour to cover with a bandage before my kids go in. My tattoo area is in the same room as my kids, in a big, wide, open window. There is no way I would cover it with tape or make it invisible.

When do you think you’ll get another kids tattoo?

When I get my next kids tattoo and have time, but I don’t have any plans at the moment in terms of a place.

Does it feel strange when your kids say “you tattoo me.”

I don’t worry about it too much. All my tattoos have little notes on them. There are people that come into my house and do tattoos, and it’s like a big joke. There’s a certain culture that gets attached to it. I feel really comfortable with it. It’s fun.

Is it easier when you’re in the house?

I’m the same way at home, even if I’m out. You never know. I’m sure I’ll get another kids tattoo one day.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Gov. Bob McDonnell announced Monday that he is dropping his lawsuit seeking the return of $1,200 in donations he took in to his successful U.S. Senate campaign but then spent to pay for trips paid for by a company he’s now a major contributor to.

McDonnell, who campaigned heavily while in office as a staunch conservative, vowed this week to repay the contributions immediately, but has stopped short of calling off the lawsuit and said he would continue collecting donations over the next two months in order to cover legal expenses.

McDonnell has said he thought the money was donations he was entitled to make, and that because of a personal relationship at the time, he took the money in good faith.

McDonnell’s decision came a day after The Washington Post published accounts of personal gifts the governor accepted, including an invitation to dine at the home of Star Scientific founder Jonnie R. Williams III the day after he joined the Virginia Legislature.

After the announcement that the first batch of Apple Watch Sport bands for the new model are now on their way to customers, the third, and final batch of Apple Watch Sport bands have been sent out to those who pre-ordered on the company’s website. These third batch bands are for the 32 GB, 256 GB and 4 GB models of wearable technology. While we await the third batch and our final review of