How is a tattoo removed by laser? – Think Tattoo Removal Cream Review

A tattoo removal using lasers, also known as laser hair transfer (LHTR), is the most common type of tattoo removal that’s used on young, healthy adults. It involves using a laser, typically a pulsed (on-off) laser, to melt the tattoo into a temporary gel. The gel is made of a temporary hydrogel (which can last up to 10 months), and is injected into the tattoo site. Once the laser burns through the skin it’s dissolved away by the other layers of the tattoo, and the process ends the day after.

How would you remove an old tattoo using lasers?

Removing an old tattoo using lasers is often considered a more delicate approach. This involves placing an epoxy (a thick, adhesive material) on the area, and applying that to the area with the needle. Once the epoxy is in place, laser burns through the skin and the epoxy dissolves away. It can be painful and is done on a temporary basis to give people a chance to repair the scar or to get a tattoo on the damaged area in a more permanent way.

It’s important to remember, though, that lasers have no ability to create completely new skin, and can’t do a whole new tattoo. Rather, lasers can only remove a portion of a tattoo’s original surface.

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This means that after laser tattoo removal laser tattoos and other tattoo-containing area are simply reshaped and covered up in the future using lasers or even plastic surgery – unless the tattoo is completely remade.

If you want to get a tattoo removed more permanently, consider getting a laser tattoo removal of a more permanent or complex design.

What should a tattoo removal specialist tell a customer who is thinking about getting a laser tattoo removal?

For the sake of safety and the healing process, if you’re considering a laser tattoo removal you should talk to a trained provider you trust, and discuss the risks of laser tattoo removal with them.

Laser hair removal is also extremely effective and often recommended as the more permanent option as the temporary ink that’s destroyed by the lasers is easily washed away after it’s been cured (although some of the new tattoo could have to be remade for the removal).

While all laser tattoo removal is a medical procedure, if you have been offered the option of a laser tattoo removal do so at your own risk, as not all licensed tattoo removal specialists will be able to perform laser tattoo removal, and most lasers won’t be compatible

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