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A: If the tattoo is a piercing, a full-fledged surgery will take at least 4 months. On the other hand, if your tattoo is done at home – it took less than 10 days for this to happen. What a miracle!

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How to remove a tattoo? A: First, follow these simple steps:

Apply pain medicine (a cream is an advisable choice) using a sterile needle or a syringe. If you do not have access to a sterile syringe, apply a bandage, such as a thin gauze patch. When bleeding begins, take a small amount of alcohol and apply it. Apply the bandage around your tattoo and let the medication dry for at least 5 minutes. Remove the bandage with the needle, leaving no visible marks. Keep applying pain medicine and let the tattoo become completely dry.

If you follow the procedure described above and want to do another permanent tattoo, you have to make sure to do it in the same manner. Otherwise, the tattoos will not fully detach. If you want to remove a single large tattoo, you have to remove the entire tattoo, from the headline up to the toe tip, once, so that you will be able to attach the new tattoo. And, for a smaller tattoo, you can only remove part of the new tattoo, not the whole thing. But, if you were able to completely remove all of the tattoo you are now left with a single large tattoo.

How to change a piercing? A: First, you will need to find out whether you can do the change. For a piercing, this usually means the piercer must give you the details of the entire procedure, including the piercing itself. If there is only a tattoo, you may be able to change it in minutes.

For the procedure to be approved by the Society of Plastic Surgeons (SPS) – the process is longer. But the result is always the same: if approved, your tattoo will be removed!

How to remove a tattoo after removal procedure A: The first thing you should learn is how to apply a sterile needle, for removal. Some of our members have been successful in applying the needle themselves, but in case there is any pain after the needle has been applied, apply an alcohol gel, such as one that contains ethyl alcohol or phenylacetone, to numb the area, which will be easier for you to control.

After your initial application, continue applying pain medicine.

Remove the needle and

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