How many sessions does it take to remove a tattoo?

We can remove all of your tattoos in 24 hours. But it takes at least 2 hours for each one to be removed. Each session starts out with blood pressure checks, but if you have had a previous tattoo removed, you may need to see a doctor to find out if they can do the same job (in some cases it may be necessary to remove the entire tattoo). You must give your doctor a copy of all the papers we put on your body to make sure we can find the problem.

How long do I have to wait for my tattoo removal?

We don’t offer an online option for removal. So your first tattoo removal appointment will be in person at our location, followed by an appointment online within 30 days of your tattoo removal from the first appointment.

What are the requirements to get my tattoo removed?

For your tattoo removal order to be approved you must:

Show a doctor’s certificate or a letter from a doctor or hospital of appropriate qualifications stating that your tattoo removal would be approved and that you have the required blood pressure, pulse, and other tests.

Be in good health when you see your doctor.

Please bring the above documents with you when you come to our shop.

What can I expect when I see my doctor?

The most common tattoo removal is a blood pressure reading and a blood test for malaria.

If you have an upper or lower arm tattoo, you will have blood pressure checked. If the appointment has the same number of patients, we will take a smaller number.

We will ask your doctor for some additional questions, which you can answer truthfully.

If the doctor asks that you do not put pressure on your arm, we will put pressure on your arm yourself and see if the infection will pass within 30 days.

In a large tattoo removal treatment area (such as a hospital) that includes multiple rooms with different treatments in different parts of the room, we will discuss how we can make the treatment more effective.

How much blood should I take?

Laser Tattoo Removal | Conditions & Treatments | UCSF Health
Blood pressure is usually good to lower. That may be a few times higher in women. Blood test results are also usually normal and the doctor will explain this when they go over blood work.

Can I be refused my treatment if I have had a tattoo before?

No. If you have had a tattoo before and it doesn’t look bad, then we believe you will not have any problems.

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