Is laser tattoo removal 100 effective? – Tattoo Removal Laser Pen 2020

The claim is: “We use laser technology to remove the dead skin within a period of approximately 15 minutes to allow the scar to heal from the laser. If the scar is longer than 15 minutes, this process will have to wait another 10-15 minutes for the new skin to grow back”.

What is laser tattoo removal? Is laser tattoo removal effective? Some people will wonder if laser tattoo removal is even effective with a dead skin removed, but we won’t go out of the way to tell you that it isn’t.

“It’s important to remember that even if a tattoo or scar is only on one side, if your scar is on the other side it just doesn’t matter as this will still show through (as a result of your blood pressure and heart rate being much higher when the scar is on the other side).

“To prove the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal, we conducted a controlled study on people who had tattooed a tattooed scar on the other side. They all reported that their scars are healing quickly (within 15 minutes) and they can even wear their scar without revealing this scar. If you have any tattoos on the opposite side, then we would also have to prove to have laser tattoo removal applied, but we don’t believe that it is necessary.”

What if I’ve already had the removal done by the tattoo removal specialist?

All our removal specialists have had laser tattoo removal done on their scars before hand, so they are able to do a thorough assessment and make sure they are ready for a thorough laser tattoo removal.
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The other thing to keep in mind is that you can’t expect to get rid of all the dead skin in your scar. As the scars grow, so does the dead skin that has accumulated. So the tattoo removal surgeon can’t guarantee that you will get rid of all the dead skin in your scar. You might, for example, get a tattooed scar on one side and a tattooed scar on the other. The tattoo removal specialist can tell you the difference but you still won’t be able to fully remove the dead skin and therefore they will need to do a full laser tattoo removal on both sides to ensure total removal of the dead skin.

“While the tattoo removal specialist can’t control the healing process, they can ensure that any dead skin has been removed.”

Does laser tattoo removal involve the tattoo removal specialist doing a full laser tattoo removal on the tattooed site?

The tattoo removal specialists are qualified to do

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