Is there painless tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal Reddit

No. It is possible to remove the tattoo in several ways. I have never tried one on myself. Some people do it on a piece of paper or plastic before putting their new tattoo on. I would say it is a slightly more difficult process than a tattoo removal because of the large area, the blood vessels, the incision, etc. But you can still remove your tattoo in more or less the same way you would any tattoo. I have had very smooth and almost completely healed tattoos.

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Are there tattoos that you wouldn’t remove because of their location? I have had a large tattoo on my thigh. It has some veins, but not enough to hurt. I would probably only remove it in the most extreme cases. My tattoo could also be caused by excessive scarring, or there could be permanent scarring as a response to a specific event (for example, if I had a tattoo on my arm that I have had in a fight).

What are some of the things you can do with a tattoo? Tattoos, like most body parts, will heal when the skin becomes desaturated after an incident like a cut or an accident. I have tried a variety of things to remove a tattoo after it has healed, but the most effective way is to use a saline solution and an anesthetic. If I use alcohol then the tattoo will bleed. I have used iodine drops. If I have a strong desire to remove a tattoo that is on a larger area I will use the needle of a hypodermic needle. My favorite method is to put a thick layer of Vaseline across the back of the tattoo.

What is life like as a tattoo artist? This question is answered with a smile. Many artists are still waiting to be a certified tattoo artist at the moment. Most of them are making a living by working part time at tattoo shops or in one or two local companies doing graphic work. The pay can be good, maybe even great, and it is usually a flexible schedule which allows you to learn as you go along. The hours are flexible as well. The hours vary from 8AM-6PM Monday through Saturday for an 8 in 1 tattoo. If you want to do a two in 1 you will have to schedule a time at least one hour beforehand. I also have to be available for on site work and callbacks which is always a plus. I feel lucky to be working as a tattoo artist, and I enjoy being able to create some type of connection with someone or something.


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