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And could tattoos become an obsession for certain people? We asked a couple of tattoo artists and experts for insight.


I like to take a little bit of time to read over the image, which was about a two-part tattoo (on my right arm). I looked at the tattoo at different angles, I was so overwhelmed by its beauty. In the image I like to see a lot of things that didn’t exist in the original piece!

I had a hard time removing the image, I looked on a lot of YouTube tutorials, read all the threads of threads that there are about tattoo removal. I also checked with tattoo artists, who have been very helpful to me. For the tattoo itself I would like to see:

– A more intricate design;

– I can see how I’ve gone wrong;

– I understand the importance of the tattoo;

– The tattoo is in poor shape;

– It is hard with the current state of my tattoo, it could have happened due to the environment; or any other issues.

– I can make another piece with a stronger design;

– The image is more important than the image behind it;

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– I need more control over the design for the new piece.

– The design of the tattoo is too intense, it may not be an everyday thing.

– The image is too abstract, in this case it might not work anymore.

If the tattoo is too complex, there is not enough detail, it is also hard to see your own mistakes, and I can’t see the true meaning.

I would much like to see a tattoo that is more detailed, a tattoo that is different in the photo.

The more detail the better.

To get to know you, we have a lot of tips from experts about how to handle the image. We don’t want it to be a struggle to remove an image.

I have found it best to take some time, sit back and admire in detail, then think about what you can do to make it much better; I have found that it does work to take time to admire the tattoo, to listen to the tattoo artist’s advice, to take some time in reading the comments and threads of threads, to see the design from different angles – and to think about which way is less complicated. Then I have a lot of things to think about and some things to do if the image is

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