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Tattoo Removal Cream Leaves Woman with Scar

“I used to have them done two or three times per year, because I would never be able to move around that area,” he admits. “After the first or second time, it was obvious they were hurting my skin. But then the second time I just gave up, didn’t do any more,” he says in a serious note. “I don’t wear contact lenses, which I would like to get out of my face anyway. I want to keep them in.”

When he was younger, he was also a professional actor. But even though he’s been in the same industry for almost five years, he never considered performing in any of the productions he has been in since he turned 18. The only thing bothering him to do it is the cost.

In the next part of his interview, a little more in detail about his tattoo removal procedures, he talked mostly about the cost.

“You need a scalpel for that,” he says. “It’s very expensive to get a tattoo removed, so for this last one only I used a scalpel. You also need some special tools, like my own scissors. You need to remove all the tattoos you have done inside your skin, and at the same time not to remove any of the previous ones. It’s very important that the tattoo never goes from your skin to your back or out of your face to your side that you never even touched.”

A few months ago, he got rid of his first two tattoos. When he first started getting the third on himself, a woman he works with stopped by his studio. It was a very common tattoo.

“The woman had never heard of me before,” says the tattooer. “She asked what I am doing so she can have a tattoo with me. I told her that I’m not very good at what I do – and that’s why I got the tattoo. She asked if I had done it before and if she wanted it to be removed. I thought she was joking, but it turned out that she really was serious.”

What made the woman’s reaction more difficult to deal with was the fact that it was an image of their daughter, born without legs.

He was shocked by how her body looked. She could barely walk, and it was hard to hold her hands. He didn’t know at that point he had the ability to remove the tattoos, so he decided to remove one of them. When he removed most of the tattoos he needed to

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