What is the fastest way to remove a tattoo?

With a laser and some patience, you can easily remove a tattoo in as little as a few hours. Read below for more detail!

What should I expect from a tattoo removal professional?

A tattoo removal technician will be able to see all the details of each tattooed surface under a microscope. Some tattoos will be so small their removal could be accomplished by just removing the skin itself. Others, like the ones you see above, will require special procedures.

Why do I want a tattoo removal job done?

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To make your tattoo shine again after the break-up. The pain involved with having a tattoo removed on time is something that can only be considered unbearable. And the last thing you need is another temporary reminder.

What is a special tattoo?

An X-ray of an area of the body shows where the tattoo has been and where it needs to be removed. A special surgeon uses lasers to see these details using a machine called an X-ray diffraction microscope (XRD M). It is this X-ray microscope which allows you to see how well a tattoo has been removed by a tattoo removal technician.

What’s the best method of tattoo removal?

The best method depends on the type of skin involved. Some kinds of tattoo can be quickly and easily removed with a small knife and some can require additional steps. Other types of tattoos, like the ones above, are better left by the special tattoo removal technicians and sent off for a follow up.

What are the drawbacks of tattoo removal?

This isn’t just some cheap-ass excuse for avoiding an annoying tattoo. Your health and safety is your number one concern. For a professional to be sure you are 100% comfortable before performing a tattoo removal, you’ll need to have a medical evaluation that will go over your tattoos and compare the tattoo’s size to your general body dimensions. In some cases, you may need a special tattoo removal machine so you don’t have to get a tattoo removal tattoo in the first place. All of them will be more costly than simple stitches or only the tattoo removal procedure is necessary.

How long will a tattoo removal procedure take?

You should expect the full duration of your tattoo to be less than eight hours. If you have more than one tattoo, there are various procedures that will need to be done to remove those tattoos. If you have two tattoos, it takes a little longer because they are separated on the skin. In addition, you might have