What not to do after laser tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal Cost Estimate

You also want to be sure that if a laser is removed you will not have any unwanted effects after.

The risks of being the subject of unwanted images are high, and you will likely want to avoid having any skin that has an image of laser tattoo removal.

But if a laser is removed you may be left with a visible image where laser treatment was once, and you may be able to remove the original image after laser treatment is again possible.

Be clear about what you want and don’t want when your tattoo removal needs are taking place. Do you want a tattoo removed?

This will help in getting a laser procedure approved. If you don’t like having a large laser tattoo you can avoid the procedure by saying it will just make you look older and have a bigger scar.

Other options or concerns (if there are other than the image removal issues)

There will be an obvious change of colour to your tattoo after laser tattoo removal, and your doctor will discuss what this is and the possibility of a permanent change of appearance.

If your doctor says laser tattoo removal does not make you look older or have a bigger scar, then they may be wrong and you will receive another laser tattoo removal.

If you are not comfortable with the change in appearance after laser tattoo removal, your doctor might advise you to stop laser tattoo removal.
Contour Dermatology – Laser Tattoo Removal on Wrist

If you do want another procedure you can ask your laser tattoo removal expert to talk to you during surgery about any other changes you want and about what your chances of getting a different colour after laser tattoo removal are.

For your safety be very clear about what you want.

You may want to ask your laser tattoo removal specialist to take some pictures of the tattoo when it is removed so that you can be clear about what you want.

When to get your treatment

Getting tattoos is a highly personal situation and often your relationship with the tattoo artist is crucial.

Your laser tattoo removal specialist has worked with different tattoo artists to get the best results for you. They understand exactly what works (and doesn’t work) with your tattoo style so it’s much easier to talk you through getting the best results. (If you are considering laser tattoo removal treatment, you should have a discussion with your laser tattoo removal specialist before you have a laser tattoo removal. They should be very aware if laser tattoo removal on their patients is right for you and you will need to talk about any special considerations you may have before going ahead with treatment

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