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The laser tattoo is removable and easy to remove, and it will get rid of all of the tattoos without leaving behind a scar. However, for your safety, please do not remove the tattoo from your body. The reason for this is that the laser will leave behind a scar and it can injure you, so don’t do it on your body! If you are under the age of 15, please contact us before you remove your tattoos to get advice on whether or not you will need professional medical attention as a result of the removal.

Can I use laser tattoo removal before the scar is fully healed?

It depends on what treatment you have received before. For example, if you have applied a second tattoo, your tattoo removal could take a little longer (less than a week). If you have received tattoo removal before your previous tattoo removal then it may take less time, but you may still need to have medical work done before you remove the tattoo.

It will also depend on the treatment plan you agree with us. For example, if you have only had your other tattoo removed, it may take longer to get laser tattoo removal done (more than a two week treatment time). If you have just received 3 different tattoos, or you have been tattooed on the other side and you cannot see the tattoo on your body, as a result of the removal of one tattoo on one side, you may need to have medical work done before you can remove the tattoo from your body. You should contact us as soon as you learn of any problems or have received treatments you are not happy with.

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Can I still have a tattoo if I have received tattoo removal?

Yes. It depends on what treatment you have received before, but you may be able to have your tattoo removed. We will get your medical results back as soon as possible after the treatment. If your tattoo is still there, then we recommend that you call us and ask about the cost, so we can work out how much we will be able to charge you for your work. Once we know the cost, we can work out what the right price is going to be.

Where do I get an estimate?

There is no guarantee you will get the same job done that we will. Even if you have the same experience and the same skills, it may be just not going to be the same cost to treat. We are able to give estimates for your current treatment if you have an appointment booked with us on the same day as your

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