Why does skin blister after tattoo removal? – Is Tattoo Removal Worth It

What if your tattoo was only a small part of your new tattoo and had only been there for a week before the tattoo removal? What if you’ve had a tattoo on your leg for many years and the skin on that leg is not normally scarred by new tattoo removal?

The common symptoms of a tattoo blister after removal include:

a red or puffy rash that starts within 10-15 minutes of skin blistering

pain that spreads as your skin pokes and bites at your scar tissue until it goes away

redness or tenderness that can come and go over time


skin that is sore and hot after the blistering procedure

If you are concerned that what happened on your new tattoo could hurt or cause damage to your skin, seek medical help immediately.

To get medical help, call 1-800-MEDICAL-TEST. If you’re in an area with bad travel weather, ask for an ambulance.

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