Why does skin blister after tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal After Pics


Tattoo removal requires the removal of a layer of skin from the body as it is tattooed and then new skin is formed. The skin surrounding the tattoo becomes inflamed and this creates a “stiffening” effect. This is called the “stain”. When the tattoo area is heated it expands, which may cause the tattoo to peel off. Tissue temperature is not a good way to evaluate temperature change.


Sometimes it has been said in the past that the heat will cause the tattoo to peel off during removal because the skin will soften. This is untrue.


The skin is not exposed to the heat at the time of the tattoo removal.
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The skin will remain in the region of the tattoo on the face and will eventually separate.

I know your skin does not blister because you have no “stain”. I wonder what is causing the blistering and what is causing the “stain”. Could you help my curiosity with this?

The skin surrounding a tattoo can become inflamed and the tattoo will peel off during and after removal of the tattoo. The scarring is caused by the skin cooling (hyperhidrosis) and then reacting with the blood vessels in the face (peripheral vasospasm). The scarring is permanent and will eventually cause an abnormal scar (corneal scarring) within the next few years. This scarring is not a tattoo or the tattoo can be removed by a medical professional. There is no cure for this process and any healing would need to occur outside of the body which is not very practical.

If any part of your body is damaged or damaged, you should ask your physician if he will test your skin for peripheral vasospasm. If this is known, then you would require more frequent testing sessions. (See our Peripheral Vasospasm Test Sheet & Test Chart .

I have read that you need to avoid the sun to avoid “stain”. If I do not keep the skin out of the sun what is the benefit?

If you have a tattoo you are very likely going to see the light after the ink wears off. Some tattoos come off with the sun. Some tattoos can stay on longer than you think because the tattoo is able to survive in the sun longer than you think. If your tattoo doesn’t burn after a few days, it could be because the tattoo has an immune protecting mechanism. If

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