Why does tattoo removal take so long? – Free Tattoo Removal Los Angeles

Tattoo removal in a salon requires three separate appointments, with the surgeon, the tattoo artist, a nurse who guides the tattoo artist while they’re putting the tattoo out, and, in-between, there’s a patient.

How much does it cost?

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A tattoo removal procedure typically costs anywhere between $600 and $1,000.

This cost is based on a variety of factors like the size, color, the level of scarring, the amount of body fat to be removed, the length of time to remove the ink, and how big the tattoo is.

There really is no set price. You can find a good tattoo removal cost guide from a local tattoo artist that can help with this.

The best way to determine what you might pay for a tattoo removal procedure is to find out what your insurance covers.

For a comprehensive guide to prices in your area click here to find your local tattoo removal cost guide and apply to get quote

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