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Probably not. But if there was a bet and a player was caught, then the players would still be fined.

A/N: This is my longest series. Well, most long one for that matter. However, I’ve decided this is one of those that will never end.

The world is a dangerous place, and I wouldn’t recommend you to venture across on your own, you’ve definitely just been caught. This is a chapter for those who may have forgotten the whole story and those who really want it.


“Gone. This is a warning to all citizens, who shall not trespass on the city of Rias.”

The voice, carried on the walls, reverberated across the city.

The people of Izalith were terrified of the looming threat of the Dark Dragon. Rias, Riasel and Zephiel were being held as hostages, all of them without any recourse on how they would be treated, and they had no other choice but to accept the city as a free haven for them. Even the royal family, including Aludra, who had been locked down and kept in her cells since the outbreak of the outbreak, was safe at the academy grounds. Even the other nobles and nobility were safe to stay at the academy grounds and, as they had previously heard about the Dark Dragon, they agreed to not intrude on the city of Rias.

The King himself, who had not yet left the room, made a gesture to show that he agreed with everything he’d just heard.

Everyone else watched attentively, and the king’s voice, when he finished telling what he wanted to, was the one to shatter the silence.

“Now, all of you. We will hold you in here, and if you dare to disturb us, we will deal with you accordingly.”

No one dared to speak as he moved towards the door. And no one dared to protest as he left the building. The entire hall began to grow silent and tense.

“You are all free now, but if you want to leave here I can still lock you all away, however…”
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The king had only got a few steps away…

“I will still have them all here for the time being… but, what if they do something stupid, like wander off?”

He paused.

“Then I will bring them over to where they will be confined, at which point

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