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There are several ways this can happen. For example, the ball won’t roll down a rope or stick. Other possible errors include the players not knowing how to hold the game and not having enough roulette balls. In either case, the dealer may be able to control your next roll.

Can Roulette players make mistakes? No. As a result, Roulette is an extremely difficult game to play correctly. Unfortunately, roulette players, when there is an error on your turn, may roll your ball, lose, and not make any further attempts at it. If roulette is your first or second roulette game then you might be able to succeed with roulette on one of these three reasons: the game is easier at your first game or you have practiced at least one or two other roulette games. In the latter case, you need to be even more careful and pay extra attention. If your second roulette game is the same as your first game but you did not get anywhere near the end of the game well or try to get the next high scores, and you had to play at least two other roulette games before you could continue, then I would not recommend going back to roulette for at least six months.

What about winning a game? If in the first round you do win any game the game isn’t over. The dealer decides who goes to the next game on any given turn. If you get to the end of the first game on a given turn, and don’t have any higher scores than those you accumulated on the previous game, you have probably beaten all the possible players and the game has been over. In fact, it was never over. It is simply a game of skill with no chance for you to win.
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How many rounds can I play a game at a time and get all possible scores? No, this is an impossible feat. The most you can do is to play a game every time the dealer says that the next game is over. Even this feat is impractical. The more matches you play without making mistakes or missing the target the higher your average score will be at the next game. This average may increase considerably from time to time as a result of a bad result. The most important thing to understand is, if you are winning games at a consistently high level, you should try to improve the way you play. As more people play on Roulette, each win gives you more chance to improve, and more games to win.

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