Can Roulette make you rich? – Most Common Roulette Patterns

A bit of money doesn’t hurt. But you are getting a lot of gambling chips and it is taking up too much space in your refrigerator. The next time you think about how much money your parents were sending you to school and how much trouble I have to go looking for the money… It will be so painful just to think about it and the price of your soul.”

I’m not so proud that I’m playing Roulette. To be honest, in my heart I’m happy to be playing. It doesn’t matter how many people think of it as a crime or as something terrible. It’s a game which was originally used to raise money for sick children. In order to win the game, Roulette would offer one bet per hand.

When I played Roulette, I could choose how much time to spend on each turn of the dice. The chance of winning would depend on my choices.

If I used the lowest possible amount of dice, it would be a 20% chance to win. That wasn’t all. Every second I could double the amount of money I lost or increased it by one point (a “10” on the roulette wheel).

Once I reached my goal, my life would be over. You don’t get that many chances to lose money in a day, right? When you do, you die.

“Honey, you know what? I think you’ll love playing roulette. I bet it will be fun. I bet you’ll have fun. Let’s go get some money together and make a big splash at school.”

This is how Kouji said it. The person who will spend a lot of money on money in a short period of time was a school idol. When those money making eyes opened with confidence, I thought of Kouji. As I thought of him, my heart became moist and moistened.

“But, what if I die?”

Roulette Betting Strategies
My life is too short, so I could just die at this point. In return for saving me, Kouji will make up for it. That was the plan.

“No, no, no. I’m fine. I just need to play roulette for a while. I’ll buy my own tickets and get on the train. You should see the roulette wheel. I’ll have to buy five roulette tickets.”

I was about to make a bet and win $20,000,000 with the help of Kouji. How stupid

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