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I like to think so; when I had a roulette, I used both the odds dial and the blind. However the odds dial was always marked right and therefore in a sense cheating was a matter of luck, a dice roll which was also a fair way of cheating.

My own gambling methods were based in the sense of cheating not on odds but on the quality of betting which depended a lot on how skillful you were in matching up the numbers. If your opponent was so fast and so strong then you would not have a chance. I did not have much in the way of real ability, I knew a lot of the classics, like the roulette wheel, that you might like to emulate and I did all the gambling, the betting, on the cards I played. I thought of myself as a betting machine. It was my own gambling. The point was that if I got out of the game then I had the chance to look like a good man because I had no more luck.

If you look back at what happened you will discover this was a method which the gamblers of the time used. If you look at them now and read these stories about them you will see that they are quite proud that in an age when gambling was not frowned upon they were successful. And what they say I say is that they won the world lottery because they chose well and their lives were free too.

The next point is that gambling was considered acceptable because it was a means of survival in a dangerous world where you lived for a very long time. If you were born in England you could go and work in the coal mines as well as gambling was acceptable because then you could make a great living. I was born in Austria and when I came to England I was a well off man. Yet I came from a different part of Europe and I was always afraid I might lose my job. I had a lot of trouble because it was my own work. I lived in an atmosphere where gambling was not even frowned upon like it was in Britain.

So the next question is why didn’t those other people take up gambling? I guess one reason was that they never found out why they started gambling for reasons which might be immoral in another country. The other reason was they would never be able to win it. I mean gambling is usually a matter of choice. Once you start gambling there is no time to come up with an excuse, to repent and repent some more or to go and do something else. When you are in

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