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How likely is it to get hit in the back of the head? Is there a chance the roulette table could turn over and break? How likely is anything you do to have an adverse reaction? How likely is it that any of your items or actions would ever go anywhere good? If you had to draw a face-value bet right now, how large would be that bet? How likely would it take you to bet at least 15 dollars as a result of one small action? How much money do you think you would be happy to win if you could not lose? How much money do you think your partner in crime could ever take from you if he gave you a one-time chance to win $3?

Would you be happy just to win $3? How much would the odds of a winning $3 game be? What if it were a game of “blackjack” for three players? What’s the chance that a coin toss would be flipped in a particular way? What would the likelihood be of the last players in the casino winning? What if there were two casinos open, with three different doors for people to enter? Why did the house always win? Which of the following have you heard yourself say many times?

What’s the biggest chance that something bad would ever happen to your child? What’s the biggest chance that you would be in your house on fire? What’s the biggest chance you would have a car break down on your trip? What’s the biggest chance that you’d lose it when you left the house? What’s the biggest chance you’d be in your car on fire without even knowing it? What’s the closest thing to a certain location in the world whose fate you can change without losing a significant amount of money to it?

How sure are you that you would have won $10 if you never lost $10? Would you have made more than 15 bets if you were not gambling regularly? Is one $1 bet a sure thing? Can you imagine someone having a million dollars with 2 bets on that number alone?

What’s the largest amount of money that could be bet? What’s the biggest amount of money each person ever bet with? What’s the biggest single loss you ever made or would ever make? Would it be more likely that you would have made more than $1,000,000 in gambling losses in the past 12 months? What does it take to be a gambling addict?

Have you ever had a bet taken away without your consent? What

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