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No. Does gambling in video games exist? No. Does the game contain gambling? No. Is gambling in video games any more acceptable than gambling in real life? No. Does it involve money, goods, or services? No. Why are you worried about it? Because when you see a gambling addict sitting in a pool hall, staring blankly, you instinctively think: “That’s not gambling; he’s just going through the motions and not actually engaged in any actual gambling activities.” If he were in the game, you’d be worried, because he’s about to win the game. So if you see a gambling addict, you should probably do what you can to make sure he doesn’t win the game. If you’re not convinced, read my guide: A Handcuff on Gamblers, also posted here by @Erowid . Or learn how to avoid using video games at all: Gamers: The Game is Dangerous .

Is video game addiction real? Yes. Can it be treated with help? Yes. And it can be treated really really really really really really quickly:

The most effective treatment for video game-induced problems is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). A CBT session is what a therapist uses to try to help someone get help with real life problems. A person is going to have a lot of problems if they make video games a habit, as the addict will do without them—and you can find many examples of how video game addicts do not need them to succeed in real life. They can be trained to think otherwise. They can learn to play other games without becoming addicted to them. A real person cannot do any of this. And we don’t have much reason to believe a video game addict can get help for their problems if they become addicted in the first place, so any treatment that tries to treat their problem is going to be very ineffective as a first line of treatment. Instead of treating video game addiction with psychotherapy, it should be treated with “drug-free,” or “no-problem,” gaming, games.

Video-game addiction is a lot like real-life video game addiction—you have to put your best thinking and your best judgment on the line. If you’re not prepared for it, you can’t play with anyone.

Video Game Addiction Treatment

Treatment for video game addiction involves several ways of dealing with it. Some of the most effective strategies will involve:
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Educating yourself to see video game addicts for what they really

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