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That is the question. You know, we’re talking about people not being able to get a job, so that is a huge problem. But let’s look at the other side of the coin. What would happen if you had a casino in every state and the pay would be different? What if there was a casino where they made 100 bucks to pay someone $10 to $20, so say. Would you feel good about putting that money on the slots?

So what I’m getting at with the casino issue, which I think we should tackle at the municipal level — and the governor has been saying this — and if there were casinos in every city we are talking about it is wrong for the state to be saying they have to fund them with our tax dollars. This is a government issue. And we do not have to subsidize any business, and we shouldn’t be subsidizing any business. So I think the question would be asked. I would hope at least that they’ll talk about it.

And I think we should address it right now, because if you don’t deal with it soon we are not going to be able to deal with all the problems going forward and we are going to be worse off. You need to address it fast.

KM: I want to go back to where we started, where you said — the Governor has said — in his state today, the average income is $25,000. In a state with a small area and a small population, $25,000 is a lot of money. If you want to put that down into terms of poverty. Where are the people living in poverty in Michigan? Where in this state would they be, and in what percentage?

CR: Well, not everybody in Michigan, but I think about 10% of the population live in poverty. Right.
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When I do my research, especially in my own state and in my own area, about 90% of the people and they are in low-income housing. So about 30% of the population lives in low-income housing. They don’t have jobs, they don’t have health care and they don’t have education.

For every person in poor housing there are 2.5 people in poverty, so there are 2.5 people in poverty in my own state and about 45 in poverty. So this is a pretty bad combination.

This is not — and we — we should talk about the things that do help people. Look what has happened

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