Does 0 pay more on roulette?


Why do you think pay-per-click links work better than traditional paid placements?

In my opinion, the link between pay and clicks is very strong. When a link to a landing page is worth less than $15, it’s more profitable to promote that link rather than a traditional landing page.

Why do you prefer Pay-per-Click links?

PPC links give you an opportunity to take paid actions in a much more efficient way than landing pages and other types of link building. There’s also a clear sense in which you do not know where the money’s coming from, and therefore, you don’t have to worry too much about fraud and other issues.

How do you see Pay-per-Click links changing in the future?

There are several advantages for Pay-per-Click links. One of the most noteworthy and surprising is on the web, where you have hundreds or thousands of websites. It will be interesting to see how this affects how people click on links.

How did you decide which of your products to focus on in the campaign?

My initial goal went much more towards helping my employees become more efficient. I was hoping that after all these months it would have been a nice break, and I was looking forward to returning for my second run at the campaign. I was actually surprised to find out that I had a more than decent percentage on these two products, but that I had the lowest clickthrough rates, which, of course, hurt me much more than just the clickthrough rates!

How did your competitors on your competitor page affect your results?

Most competitors didn’t have any clickthrough rates above 6 or 7% (i.e. their clickthrough rates are low or flat-out low) while mine averaged around 14%. This is what is likely to happen when someone’s campaign is poorly targeted, or even the wrong campaign!

What was your biggest takeaways from this?

The biggest takeaway that I had from this was a very clear feeling that I had to rethink my entire strategy for how I promoted these two campaigns because they were absolutely terribleā€¦ but I didn’t really see any other ways that would work.

What next?

I’m going to continue using Pay-per-click links for my personal sites, which is something I’ve been trying out for quite some time as I think this more efficient approach to linking to content could really help me build brand awareness