How can you tell where a roulette ball lands? – Best Roulette Strategy Ever

The shape of the roulette ball.

Here’s the exact same shot – this time with the same color. The ball is not the same, but it has the same exact shape. (This was also tested on my iPhone, and the red ball landed on the green ball).

Here’s a shot and a test from an actual roulette wheel, and the exact shape of the ball. Both balls landed on the same color of red ball.

Here’s the same shot with the black ball (red ball). Again, both balls landed on the Black ball.

If you played this shot on a real wheel that was shaped like a ball, you would see an exact color difference. But that is exactly what the test did, and it is exactly what the ball is expected to land with.

The only way the ball can get different color is if the ball’s weight is different. When it lands on a roulette wheel it is supposed to land on a roulette ball that is heavier than the “actual” ball. This weight difference would then lead to the exact color of the ball.

Here is a shot with a black ball – its weight is the same as my actual ball. The ball lands on the black ball, and the actual ball does not land on the black ball. You can see that the ball does not land evenly or in the same color.

And here is a shot with the same color but a roulette ball (the color of the roulette ball was changed). Again, its weight is the same as on the roulette ball.

But why would the ball do this? The ball does it for a reason – to get us to believe that the roulette wheel looks like it is real.

It is not just that a ball is being “bought off the roulette wheel”. If you are reading this, then you are aware that the ball is very real – it looks exactly like the real thing. And as we can see on the other side of the game board, no matter where you go on a real roulette wheel, it shows the same exact ball – red or blue, black or white.

And when you ask yourself how are they not the same ball? The answer is simple. The Roulette Roller Coaster Company wanted to give the appearance of being real, so they had roulette wheels that had a roulette wheel within the wheel itself.

So when the ball lands, the inside ball will get

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