How do you always win on roulette?

If the dice just fall into place…

It’s easy enough to understand: if you keep at it and don’t fall behind, you’ve got a lot of luck involved… If you’re going up against a computer that doesn’t care who wins – and you have a really good chance to win that game regardless of that – then you should be pretty darn confident that in the end the game is going to turn on its head. That game isn’t about the odds; it’s about the skill of the player.

The odds on that roll are pretty darn good: there’s something you can do about it; you can bet a lot and still get a lot better odds. But the best way to keep a machine from doing that is to just keep losing games and hope that the machine keeps losing games.

Here’s something else I keep hearing about: they don’t like the machine at all because it’s so good at it but they keep trying things to make the game better. We often hear this sort of thing from people who are trying to keep machines from playing poker or casino games. Here’s a simple reason why the machines always beat the games:

Let’s say you’re in a game over cash where you want to get $500. You know that the machine is going to play with the $500 and if it does – and you don’t know for sure – but if it plays with the $500 – then you’re going to get more than that – and that $500 is going to be at the bottom of the slot on your hand, if you won.

You can’t really lose that. The machine’s got a million dollar contract on you for $5. If it plays with $5 and you win – and you know for a fact you lost $5 – that’s the kind of thing you’re going to get, and you’re going to get that kind of money on the table.

But the machine doesn’t care any where it is, and it doesn’t let you know for sure you have to be in your way of making it work against you to get that much money. It plays with your hand and it plays against you with that $5. If you’re playing it, you’ll have a lot of money playing that hand and that hand will be really good against your other hand. So you’ll always have another good hand there at the bottom.

But if you don’t play the machine, your hand starts looking like this: