How do you guess numbers on roulette?

1-10? 11?

If you’ve never played, what is the odds your number comes up?

If an “outtake roulette” or “chicken scratch roulette” is included with your lottery game, how are those odds calculated?

What is the odds of winning a trip to Florida for you kids?

Why is a casino so important to Las Vegas? (This is a lot of fun to answer if you’re not into gambling).

It is important to remember the word “courier” (or, less generally, “courier” of the postal system, if you don’t know) does not exactly mean “truck.”

You need to think in terms of the postal system, the truck in particular. One of my favorite poker players, who was not a professional player at all, was very successful at craps. To him, a truck means that if your opponent can win a few hundred dollars in the last few games, then you will likely be able to make a decent sum.

What is the difference between a “good” or “bad” shot?

There are a few different types of “good” shots. This includes:

Bump ups in the air of your opponents bet or chip.

Possible “hoovers,” aka balls that bounce up on the table.

What’s the difference between a “pot and stack?”

A pot is a combination of chips and wagers which you can win. A stack is a sum of all wagers of your stack of chips.

What’s the difference between a “wager and a wager?”

A wager is any wager other than a “pot” of chips or a stack of chips.

What is the basic amount you can win for the “whole” amount of chips for any poker hand?

For an eight-hand pot, it is 12 chips to bet and 8 chips to win a hand.

A seven-hand pot is 8 chips to bet and 6 chips to win a hand.
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The basic amount is $1 per $10 bet in your stack (e.g. $1 per $10 bets on 7-hand, $1 per $10 bets on 6-hand, $1 per $10 bets on 4-hand).

What’s the difference between a “good” and “bad” shot, when “good” and “bad