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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a female gamer in Japan is, of course, the bikini, but a female gamer in China has become a sensation through her ability to be the first woman to defeat the world champion of a board game called Jeopardy in an all-female game of rock, paper, scissors.

In 2011, a female member of the International Chess Federation, one Wenjun Li, was given the title of Jeopardy champion, becoming the first woman among more than 500 players to accomplish this feat. She is also believed to be the first woman ever to defeat the world champion of the sport of rock, paper, scissors.

Li was a member of the International Chess Federation in 2009, where she was also the youngest vice president. Before joining the organization, she served as deputy undersecretary under the board of executive committee of the World Chess Federation. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Masters of Arts degree in international affairs from the University of Oxford.

Although Li did not win the title of champion in Jeopardy this season, it is believed to be the fastest time to beat the champion so far. A male player had previously defeated the reigning world champion in the game in November 2014 with an average time of 6 minutes and 41 seconds. That player was John Baez.

According to a report from CNN, Li’s time is slightly behind Baez’s. According to CNN, Baez told the network, “I had no idea a woman could do it, but it took me a long time for it to sink in.”
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“I’ve been a fan of Japanese TV games and the fact that Li is the first woman to beat a world chess champion by playing the game of rock, paper, scissors is quite an amazing feat,” Li told CNN in a phone interview. “I don’t usually have time to play that much anymore as I have been out of town and just trying to make it to my next audition. I’m super happy to have won that title because I really wanted to take part.”

Li said that there had also been a previous attempt, in 2011, when a man had beaten a player but was ultimately disqualified.

“I never played it myself, but I know there actually was

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