How do you play roulette in a casino? – Best Online Roulette System Tester Interview

You drop a quarter off the slot machine. You pick which spin you want and then, when your chance comes up, you hit the button that says “spin one.” When you hit the button, it opens up the spin machine. If you miss, it goes down a row, and you’re going to get more quarters if you hit the button again.

In a video game, when you find a collectible it tells you, “this item can be picked up later in the level.” This isn’t true in poker. When you find a card, it doesn’t tell you, “this item will be worth more if I put it up later in the game!” You still have to pick it up, make your turn, and hit the button that says “deal!” It’s really not that different, except all you have to do is learn your odds.

I’m not a professional poker player myself, so I can’t tell why a gambler would even need the odds calculator or how a casino might determine the odds. (Note: This is something that my colleagues in the poker community have pointed me to.) But I believe that some casino employees should keep an eye out for odds calculators. There have been numerous instances of these tools being stolen from gambling sites — you have to wonder how many millions of dollars have been lost to casino employees because they got caught off guard by someone stealing an oldie but goodie from a customer’s computer?

A person might not be aware of the risk of getting caught in this regard. If you put more emphasis on luck than skill in a game, you can find yourself getting the occasional card that turns it into a win or makes your odds too high. But most players will lose far less money when they learn their odds in a casino. If you play in a casino, you should learn your odds.

My biggest advice to new players would be to pick the game your first time. Pick the first game you’re likely to lose, and go practice the rest. That way when you eventually make it to a more profitable game, you’ll know what type of luck you will face. And when the chips start rolling down the line, you won’t be surprised by how many times you hit the button and the spin goes up.


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