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– First place wins $100k in cash prizes, second place wins up to $50k in cash prizes, and third place wins up to $25k in cash prizes.

And how does the team get there?

– The team will be selected from over 100 participants that will make their way through 5 days of tournaments that will be played on the same day. In each tournament, players will collect their $10 entry fee for the day, which will pay for the day of the tournament. After that, players will be paid $1 per 5-minute round, where one player receives 4 minutes and the rest play 5 minutes each. Each round will be divided up into 5 minutes. After the final five minutes, the winner will receive $2k to spend on the prize pool at the end of the weekend.

It’s that simple.

The prize pools aren’t huge – there’s a $40K prize pool in Las Vegas and a $50K prize pool in Atlantic City. Players play a single round, play one minute in a 5-minute round, then repeat until they win a $2,000 prize. After the 5-minute rounds are finished and the prize pool winnings are tallied, the final payout is $10,000. It’s that easy.

But there is one other thing that everyone needs to understand.

All the prizes go to the team. In addition to the $1000 entry fee, the team will receive bonus funds to distribute to themselves. For example, they can use the winnings to pay for a round of casino games, or they can buy themselves a new hotel room or car. All money from the entry fee is gone. Teams win by winning – that is it. A win for an 8-team team does nothing for them.

The rules for how to play are listed on the official website for the casino.

How do you play?

You can play at

For those outside the Nevada area, you can play online in the Las Vegas area via

Or if you just want a game that fits in your schedule, you can head on over to and play at for up to 64 players.

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