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Well, it’s a game created by a guy in New York named Harry Blum. Harry invented the machine in 1955 and he sold the business to Robert Karras, a partner in the company. Since then the machine has been used for years for things like the movie movie The Wizard of Oz, but most recently has been used to gamble on the Nevada Gaming Control Commission’s slots-machine lottery. Nevada was so desperate for casino slots that they required the machines be made to have a “no-lay” penalty.

To understand why this was a no-go, consider this. A slot machine doesn’t have anything the player does to influence the result of the game; the machine merely chooses randomly from a random sequence of numbers. A no-lay lottery is just a random number generator. Since they don’t have many “pursuits” and so are not highly predictable, they don’t need to be.
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Now, a roulette or poker player can actually win millions of dollars betting on a no-lay game by simply knowing the rules of a good roulette or poker hand. This is the basis of poker’s popularity – the fact that there is a certain order of card drawings that can determine the chance at winning. In roulette, though, there is no limit or order of card draws that can be encountered by the player.

How does Harry Blum get his jackpots? Well, he does what casinos do at casinos all over the world. He hires people around the world to do his bidding. One of Blum’s most famous hires on the American circuit was Jack O’Shea, a former New Jersey governor. From O’Shea’s biography:

In the summer of 1952, Harry was having difficulties getting the machine at which he liked to lose his money installed so that it could be used regularly. In July of that year, Harry went to New York City and met with a few prominent gamblers and casino players. When Harry offered a deal to the players: They would get a free machine, if they could get one for a free piece of paper. Some players who had already lost money said they would come up with a good number, but the group Harry made up for the lost money with new players and in the summer of 1953, Harry’s machine was installed in New York. By the time Harry’s machine had been installed, Harry had turned a profit of about $300,000.

The other interesting thing about Harry Blum and gambling is that

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