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A cylinder is a piece of metal, called a cylinder liner or cylinder chamber, that holds and chambers cartridges in a revolver. The chambers, or cylinders, in a revolver determine the total number of cartridges available for each cartridge in the cylinder.

For example, a round-barrelled revolver with a cylinder of 12 chambers has an overall capacity of 30 cartridges. A single-barrelled revolver has 14 chambers.

A single-barrelled revolver is most powerful when the cartridge case (the rim of the projectile) is contained in just the front chamber chamber. This, combined with the fact that an extended magazine (the cylinder sleeve), has the capacity of 10 cartridges, means that the revolver can fire one round every 15.9 seconds. There are two types of revolver’s that have longer and shorter barrels than this, such as the Winchester Model 1895, and the Colt 1892 revolver. Each type of revolver has a separate cylinder length range. A long barrel, such as the Winchester Model 1895’s, extends from 17.5 or 18 inches to 30 inches, while a short barrel, such as in the Colt Model 1892 will extend from 16 to 18 inches. The Colt 1901 handgun is a long barrel revolver, and requires cartridges to be discharged faster than a short barrel revolver.

Do revolvers have a safety? No, the safety is not a part of the revolver. When the trigger is pulled, a spring releases a spring-loaded pin that slides back, allowing the revolver to fire from the safety position, which includes the rear of the cylinder.

Can I fire a .44 Magnum revolver in 3rd person view without using a scope? Yes, the pistol can be fired in 3rd person view from either the left or right sides of the display. The 3rd person view will take the user, the gun, and the gun operator through all of the actions of the gun. To view the 3rd person view, one or both gun operators must hold the trigger down and the pistol against their side or chest. Once 3rd person view is acquired, the gun can be fired from the right or left, and all of the action can be seen with the help of a scope. For example, to view the firing of the revolver, the gun can be held, with both gun operators holding the trigger down. Then the gun and gun operator must see and react to the recoil of the gun and gun operator while still watching the 3rd person view.

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